It's True. A photo speaks a thousand words. Great photos attract buyers. Poor photos can actually put them off. Here are some toptips to help you get your home ready for your photoshoot! 

  • The Kitchen - Clear your workspaces of clutter, jars and food. Hide away the dustbin. Remove the washing up liquid and all tea towels. Add some flowers and a bowl of fruit. 
  • The Bathroom - Put down the toilet seat. Remove the everyday shamppo bottles, laundry bin and any spare loo rolls. Display fresh towels and some posh looking toiletteries. 
  • The Bedrooms - Clear away any clothes and shoes. Make sure the bedside tables are tidy. Clear under the bed and on top of the wardrobes. Dress your bed in your best linen! 
  • The General Areas - Clean all windows. Open all curtains and blinds. Hide any unsightly wires. Tidy away childrens and pet items. Light the fires, turn on all lights, plump the cushions. 
  • Outside - Move your car from the drive of your house front. Tidy the garden. Remove any weeds. Sweep away any leaves. Move the wheelie bins.Clean the front door. Add colour with seasonal planting. 

There are lots more little touches you can do, so if you are stuggling do give us a call on 01432 344 779 and we can help! :)