Have you ever wondered why some home sell for more money than other similar homes? It's all about your presentation!

A buyer will look at a number of houses on the market for sale. Most buyers will have a set budget, they will know roughly where they want to live and also how many bedrooms they would like/need. These buyers will look at a range of properties. Compare the and decide which home is best for them within their budget. Therefore in order to get the best price and attract people to view your home, you need to make sure your home is looking at its best!

Some homes are naturally immaculate, its the way some people live. However, for the majority of us, our homes are lived in. They are an extension of us. The good news is property styling isn't complicated and it doesn't need to be expensive. You just need to know the key bits to get right.

  • Clean and declutter - Look at decluttering as a way of minimising your contents and getting items boxed up ready for moving day.
  • Touch up the decor - Be honest and critical - little chips, grubby marks, peeling wallpaper and damp stains all get noticed. A fresh lick of paint can make all the difference.
  • Remove some furniture - Less is more, see what you can remove, try to show the room off at its best.
  • Invest in new accessories - Consider investing in some new accessories. start thinking like a 5-star hotel would think!
  • Choose your agent carefully - Pick the best agent for you, pick one which sells homes like yours, pick one who knows the market and can show your property off with excellent marketing, photographs and staff.

So there you have it... Presentation is key!