There are many reasons why homeownership is incredibly desirable, Especially for the people of Herefordshire

A magical homely feeling
Owning your own home is a unique feeling that can’t be substituted by anything else. It starts when you get the keys and the first time you walk through the front door, and it remains with you every time you come home. It is a feeling that creates a flow of powerful emotions, such as safety, security, relaxation, happiness, and elation.

The desire for a great garden
There are many great homes to rent in the UK and Hereford, and many landlords are happy for you to take care of the garden while others will maintain the grounds for you. However, if you are a passionate gardener or one of an increasing number who adores outdoor living areas, they are easier to create when you own your own home. Truly reaching your home’s potential takes a lot of investment in time and money. You want to be as free as possible to create your perfect outdoor haven without answering to anybody else.

Something to leave your loved ones
Working hard is a way of life for most people, and even if you are not married with a young family to care for, it’s nice to have something to show for all your hard work. You stand to gain from the equity you accumulate over time, even if the idea of leaving your home to loved ones or the charity of your choice does not motivate you. So, when it’s time to retire, start a business, travel the world, or invest in other properties, you accumulate the means to do so without even thinking about it.

It is a reassuring feeling to know that you are in control of your destiny. You decide where you want to move, sell up, or buy a better property. And if you do have a family to care for, you are providing a place that they can call home for as long as they need it. Moving in the middle of a school year can be difficult for younger family members if your landlord decides to retire.

Monthly outgoings
Despite the recent fluctuations in interest rates, they have remained more stable in comparison to soaring rents. And with fixed-interest-rate mortgage deals for up to five years, you can plan your financial future more easily. This allows you to calculate your household budget for everything more easily, from food shopping and holidays to your savings.

Complete creative control 
Whether you want to rebuild motorbikes in your front living room, knock all the walls down to create an open-plan grand design, or add a conservatory, you can do so without seeking permission. The chances are that you will never want to do any of these things, but there is something fulfilling about knowing that you can, if you decide to do so.

Ascending the property ladder
There is typically more scope to ascend the property ladder if you own your own home. Your first home may need modernisation. This can rapidly add to your property’s value if you carry out the work yourself. Even if you don't, as long as you do not overspend, you will be in a good position to sell up and buy a better home.