>Rushing a property sale

Is a quick sale the best idea?

Racing to put a new property on the market, sell it to the first offer may seem like a good idea, but let's consider the downsides. At Jackson Property we're not your normal agent we consider every single way how we can get the best price and from the best person. Some agents try to get it on the internet straight away before even the brochure is finished, maybe with draft photos and only half finished. You may get an instant enquiry who views and offers 95 per cent of the asking price on the spot. If this happens, what will you do next? Advise the owner to accept or wait? We like to be 100% ready before we commence marketing. A buyer needs to say WOW! If it's not perfect and they skip past, next time they see it they will know they've already discounted it and will not return. You never get a second chance to make a first impression.


We do not rush, we want all prospective buyers to be able to see it, giving them all a fair chance. This way the seller will know that their property was properly exposed to the whole market. The more buyers that see it the more a seller can pick and choose the best buyer and best offer. Not all buyers use the internet so don't use an agent who relies just on this. Some buyers may not be even looking, they may be thinking of moving soon but not started looking yet. That might be the buyer who makes the best offer. If they aren't looking on portals we need to find them. It could be they walk past our window, maybe see our board. They may be flicking through the local paper or one of our adverts pops up on another website. We advertise on ebay, local news sites anywhere that has a link to google. We still advertise in local papers, (other agents don't) – again we cannot miss out on anyone. When we get lots of viewings we don't like to rush into accepting an offer – we advise the buyers after the first week or two of viewings we will look at best offers in writing. This is the standard way that properties are sold in the many other countries such as America, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa. This process is transparent, fair to all parties and ensures that the property sells for the best price and that the vendor is reassured that a better price could not have been achieved. These are just some of the reasons we continually out perform all other agents who just stick the property onto the portals, arrange one viewing and accept the first offer that comes in. If you want the best price for your property come and talk to us – you'll soon see why we excel.

Nathan Jackman-Smith