We are pleased to announce that we have recently sold Newcastle Court near Evenjobb.  This was a unique opportunity to acquire a glorious country estate and the chance to fully renovate the main residence returning it to its former glory.

Newcastle Court has been a reoccurring property with me since the age of 19.  In my late teens I used to work at the premises as Trainee Technician for a Communications Company and at this time the business used to trade out of the cottage and outbuildings.  The main house as I recall was very much in a derelict state of repair with the owner only really undertaking essential maintenance from what I can recall.

After my time with the company came to an end, I needed a new career as being a Technician really was not for me.  After long hard thinking and a few months of temporary work I decided that I liked the prospect of becoming an estate agent and selling property as each day would be different and meeting new people.

Within the next few weeks, I was employed by a local agency and the rest is history and they say!

In the years that followed once I was qualified and working throughout Mid Wales and Herefordshire, I joined an agency selling Newcastle Court – It is a small world!   After meeting the owner who previously employed me (Which was a little strange!) a successful sale was agreed and completed.

Fast forward several years now a Team Member at Jackson Property, I was contacted by the previous owners asking if I would visit to again sell Newcastle Court. 

I understand from the new owners that the property will be subject to the full scheme of works it requires returning the property to a liveable accommodation.

After the years which have passed and various owners of the court it would be lovely to revisit this glorious property fully restored for a walk round! Hopefully, I will get my invite for coffee!

Having lived all my life within Herefordshire and Mid Wales and continuing to work within the property industry should I be able to assist with selling or letting of a property I would be happy to arrange  an initial consultation.

James Garibbo MNAEA