In most areas of modern life, you have a choice. Whether you want to buy, sell or use a service, there are a host of options available. The property industry is no different. If you are looking for your next home, there are many estate agents who will market your current property and help you find potential new places to live.

They range from the big national companies to those, like Jackson Property, who are dedicated local people, yet have the ability for national coverage across our 5 offices.

Local Knowledge

We know Herefordshire and the surrounding areas like the back of our hands. You can find us in Hereford, Leominster along with Chester, Shrewsbury & our Mayfair office.
We’re not run from an anonymous skyscraper in London, we’re firmly fixed in the postcode regions we cover and we always have an eye on what is going on locally. 

If there are changes in the local market, we notice them first. Some national companies may try and apply a ‘one size fits all’ policy across the country, but that is a risky strategy. We know what’s right for our areas, the market in which our customers are moving.

Local People

The reason we know so much about the local market is that we all live here. We know who is buying in this area and what they are buying. We have insight into what they want in a new property and we can match them up to the perfect new place. All our staff live around the areas they cover, so they can make your property details sing to prospective buyers, because they know exactly who they are.

Jackson Property is a family run business, established over 50 years. The directors aren’t sunning themselves for 40 weeks a year, they are in the branches and working hard for you. Because they are local and work in the business day-to-day, you know that you will receive the top level of service possible.

Local Passion

Another reason why you should use a local estate agent is because we can sell the local area to your potential buyers. Of course, viewers need to fall in love with the property, but they also have to take a shine to the local area.

Why You Should Use a Local Estate Agent - More Information

If you have read this guide to why you should use a local estate agent, but you want more information, come and see us. Visit any of our offices to chat about your requirements and what Jackson Property can do for you.