Two concerns holding people back from moving right now are Destination and Timeline.

Destination - nothing on the market

Timeline - don't want to sell and have to rent/move in with family to bridge the gap

Nathan Jackman-Smith gives an idea on how to solve them.


If you're still looking to buy I bet you're probably incredibly frustrated by the lack of available homes on the market right now. I thought I would share with you what we advise our clients who find themselves in the same situation.

1. Get clarity on both what you're looking for and what you will need to sell your own home for to make your move happen

2. Get yourself ready to sell. The would-be buyers for your home will JUMP at your property the moment you are ready and being prepared can make a big difference in how many offers we will negotiate for you

3. Hit the market before you buy. This will put you under much less pressure to accept the first offer rather than the best offer.

4. Set the terms of sale for your home. You set the asking price, and you set the terms too. If you need three months to find and move, we will make sure that's baked in to every offer we bring you. This keeps you in control of your move from start to finish.

5. Search everywhere. We will actively contact every home that fits your needs, not just what's on Rightmove to leave no stone unturned. This is proving a big success in the current market and an off-market purchase is often the best way to buy.

If you need any property advice, give Nathan a call or email.

Happy home moving!