The Big Sleep In £10,000 Challenge

 Supporting mental well-being

 Mental Health Week 18th – 24th May 2020


 Mental Health Awareness Week 2020 is all about kindness, specifically kindness in the time of Covid: being kind to others, being kind to ourselves.

Help us to shine a light on the positive ways we can be kind to ourselves and join our #Bigsleepin. Have some fun and help us raise much needed funds for The Cart Shed Charity. All money raised will go towards helping those who are not coping with life in lockdown.

We know lock down is tough. We are all missing our family and friends. The reassuring hug, the laughter of grandchildren (even their chaos!), a kick around in the park, playing with friends or a night in the pub.

Many of us are not sleeping so well, worrying about our future, our jobs, our schoolwork, our health. Good sleep is the most natural, kindest way to ensure our emotions are as resilient as they need to be.

 We can do it in our sleep!

Join in with all the family at home or encourage friends to hold a virtual sleepover – how much can you raise?

Sleep out with The Stars; Snuggle in a den; Snooze without booze.  

If you have a garden, pitch a tent. If the weather allows go wild and sleep under the stars.

No garden? Build a den out of bedsheets and duvets.

Like a challenge? Where’s the most bizarre place you can safely sleep in lockdown? the airing cupboard? The bath? In the dog’s bed?

Breakfast is best. In the morning why not indulge in a big breakfast or cook outdoors. fancy a fry up? flip a pancake, smoooothe your own smoothie 

Go to work in your PJ’s – Yes! for one day only, it’s fine to Zoom, Team or Webex in your onesie, brief the boss in your nightshirt or go to school in your dressing gown. Shop on-line with your slippers, surf the net in your negligee! 

Share your photos at #thebigsleepin


The Cart Shed Charity helps those with an imbalance in their lives to heal, learn new skills, find friendship and a future. 

The Charity works with adults and young people from Herefordshire and the surrounding counties, members of the Armed Forces, Veterans, ex-police officers, paramedics, teachers, medical staff, factory workers, carers, the unemployed and school children. The youngest is 10, the oldest 88

Contact katie@thecartshed.co.uk 07796421373
Registered Charity: 1167802 www.thecartshed.co.uk