We are a nation of pet lovers!

However, when it comes to selling houses, pets can be distracting and put buyers off the property.

Here are our top tips when selling a home with pets and what you need to do:


  • Move the litter tray
  • Hide away the biscuits
  • Move cats toys/beds
  • Put your cat out if you can


  • Hide your dogs bed and food bowls
  • Take your dog for a long walk if you have any viewings

Whilst we are a nation of dog lovers we would hate for your pet to take away the potential buyers attention. Worse still, you don't want any buyers to be scared or dislike dogs.


  • Keep your tank sparkly clean and make it a positive feature.

We all love our own pets, to many of us they even become part of the family, however when it comes to selling your home, they really are best out of the way. There is nothing worse than having to try and move the dog, pop out the cat or the smell of a used litter tray when trying to show off a client's home for sale.

If your pet isn't mentioned here, please ask us at Jackson Property for some more tailored advice or email nathan at nathan.js@bill-jackson.co.uk.