Take a read of our top tips when selling your home with kids and what you need to do to make sure you get the best possible home moving experience.

  • It's time to tell the kids - Make it sound like an adventure, reassure them, make the move sound promising
  • Clear off the fridge - De-clutter all fridge magnets, school paintings, baby steralisers all need hiding away, these are items that will detract from the kitchen. Cear away fireguards, bath toys and tidy the kids bedrooms.
  • Invest in a toy box - keep toys out of your main living areas wherever possible
  • Take the kids out on viewing days#

Selling your home is hard enough and can be very difficult when you have children. The key is in the preperation and also in keeping them feeling involved. My best advice is to start with a big de-clutter and then a quick tidy on viewing days.