Sometimes, the lowest fee agent, isn't always the best agent!
Low fee estate agents don't always provide the highest level of service you would expect or want from an agent selling your home!  

  • With many low fee agents, you have to pay upfront estate agency fees regardless if the property sells or not.
  • With many low fee agents, you will have repeat or additional estate agency fees if the property has not sold in a set time scale.
  • Very few low fee estate agents offer a conveyancing service, but will happily steer you to a firm of solicitors of their choice, where most agents earn a handsome commission for the legal referral. Commissions are very often paid on the onward purchase.
  • By not offering conveyancing low fee agents lose substantial control of the transaction.
  • Some low fee agents don’t employ trained valuers. A professional valuer will advise on many different marketing strategies to maximise the selling price of your property. Cutting corners in marketing often result in cutting the price of your property.
  • Some low fee agents require you to take mortgage products through their preferred mortgage brokers and again earn a commission for any such referrals.
  • Many low fee agents tend to heavily promote their low fees rather than offering creative and innovative marketing solutions to help sell your property.
  • Many online low fee agents operate online and it can sometimes be very difficult to obtain dedicated client support.
  • Some low fee estate agents are only interested in advertising their low fees next to your property on their website and on your For Sale board. This advertising is at your expense and in our opinion looks pretty ugly and uninviting to prospective purchasers, particularly when you are paying to showcase your property.
  • If a low fee estate agent can't protect their own fees, do you believe they will be able to protect the selling price of most people's biggest financial asset- your property?
  • Low fee agents don't tend to have the most up to date technology meaning you will end up with poor quality photographs. Some don't even provide hard copy sales brochures. A hard copy sales brochure is absolutely essential to professionally market and presents your property. Don't accept the standard excuse - everyone will only look at your property online.
  • If low fee agents offered the same expertise and commitment as quality respected agents then the quality agents would cease to exist. The reality is traditional estate agents do more and ultimately achieve you more.
  • The bottom line is low fee agents advertising focuses predominantly on what they can save you in fees and none that we know advertise what they could actually cost you in selling your property for less than it's actually worth. 

Here are five ways to tell if an agent will offer you good value.

1) Images
Top agents use quality photography to capture properties at their best. Grainy, shadowy photos taken on a smartphone are a turn-off for buyers.

2) Property descriptions
Look at how agents market properties online. Do the descriptions create an aspirational picture? Or are you reading a list of measurements, plug sockets, and radiators? Good
agents will also include a floorplan in listings.

3) Bringing a property to market
If an agent brags that they can have your property on the market by tomorrow, run for the hills because they’re cutting corners. The best agents have a tried-and-tested launch
strategy that takes more than 24 hours to implement – but adds thousands of pounds to a sale.

4) Long tie-ins
An agent who is confident that they can sell your home doesn’t need to lock you into a lengthy tie-in (some agents push for 20 weeks’ exclusivity).

5) Social media
Even if you’re not on Instagram or Facebook, many buyers are, so go with an agent with a strong social media presence. Look for engaging posts that cover more than properties for sale. Community content, mortgage updates, and video sneak peeks are big winners.

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